Dream House


Design according to your wishes. Knowing how to choose the right furniture is today the most immediate idea to give the house a new face, characterizing it according to one’s character and needs.
The ideas are many. With the ad hoc one, spaces are remodeled, giving the house the taste of what we are, the pleasure of the ideal sphere within which to live our intimacy and conviviality in a comfortable and functional way. It’s not easy if you don’t have the right supports.

Dream House

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What should we start from for the realization of the house of our dreams? Not only from the furnishing trends of the moment but also from the ability to create a style that is functional and practical, maximally livable. Do you really design? Let’s start thinking about how.

Creative reuse
Do it yourself, what is called DIY, do it yourself, is constantly on the rise. An eco-sustainable work capable of combining business with pleasure without throwing anything away. Manual dexterity and creative reuse favor relaxation of the mind and give new life to old objects that are transformed into design elements, perfectly colored and embellished with new details.

Space-saving solutions
More and more attention revolves around transformable, intelligent, concealed, and multifunctional furnishing solutions: modular furnishings, walk-in wardrobes, sofa beds, wall units, sliding partitions. To make each room a totally functional, fluid, moving space that can be changed at any time, according to needs. In this perspective, the mezzanine becomes important, a versatile solution that adapts to numerous contexts to obtain functional and well-organized spaces.

Design the house with this in mind too. The equipped walls represent a precious solution to enhance the environment and manage its dimensions in a, particularly effective way. Shelves, storage units, and shelves allow you to give life to a modern living area, where everything has its place. The equipped wall is the right furniture choice to divide spaces and make them versatile, always in the name of the right elegance and originality.

Dream House

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A burst of energy
Wallpaper is back in fashion. Quirky prints and patterns, 3D textures, are great ideas for decorating small surfaces or even single walls.

The plasterboard niches
The plasterboard niches play an important role in the furnishing of the house. They create exhibition spaces that, with the right lighting, catalyze attention and create atmosphere. “Impacting” aesthetics, minimum bulk, and space-saving are possible thanks to the niches that allow the total customization of the environments in any style.

The walk-in closet
A fundamental complement is a walk-in closet. It can function as a dressing room, near the bathroom, as a wardrobe in the bedroom area, or even as a partition in a studio apartment. The walk-in closet can represent an element of contemporary, refined, multipurpose taste, ideal for keeping everything in order.

Dream House

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Eat-in kitchen to enjoy it at the top
The eat-in kitchen is often the most coveted solution to experience the kitchen to the fullest and to leave odors and vapors out of other environments. To furnish it we must first consider some elements:

• the table, a fundamental piece of furniture for the conviviality and functionality of the kitchen itself. And if the dimensions allow it, the island in a central position with the stools creates a great impact and is totally comfortable;
• the most functional design in the kitchen is one in which everything remains visible with shelves, shelves where you can store things and be able to dispose of them immediately if necessary;
• freestanding appliances are an ideal solution for furnishing the kitchen without penalizing the spaces;
• choose the right lighting to give even more character to the kitchen;
• the right coating, whether innovative or functional, gives the kitchen that extra touch.

Lagom house
Lagom is a Swedish term that refers to living well. In a Lagom house, everything translates into balance. The house must be able to welcome first of all. The environments are soft and relaxed thanks to the use of natural colors, fabrics, and plants. A Lagom house is a house where everything is in the right place.

The loft
The project of a loft must be carried out with the intention of creating a unicum in the spaces available, trying to break down dividers inside the house. By removing the walls, replacing them with more versatile elements, the house acquires practicality.

By intervening with lighting and contrasts, interesting solutions can be obtained. Different suggestions coexist in the loft, from modern to classic, where visible elements blend with original “American” furnishings. Bookcases as partitions, central counters, glass doors, curtains in “captivating” fabrics can give this space stylistic elegance and great practicality.

Dream House

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMkiLu0DheB/

Mythical eighties
The eighties design plays on the color that bringing home is always a good idea to furnish and characterize the rooms in an original way. The style of the Eighties emphasizes the dynamism and functionality of the house which is more relevant than ever today. In fact, it is applied to American open spaces, to create a house with open spaces, without partitions with a large living area and an open kitchen. Color is the leitmotif of style.

Bridge bedrooms
To give the little ones an area of ​​the house where they can grow and have fun, we can consider the bridge bedrooms, a modern evolution of traditional bunk beds. A strategic and design choice that allows wide margins of freedom. You make the most of the space by inserting more than one bed and a wardrobe. An interesting idea not only for the youngest but also for those who need to furnish a studio apartment or a small loft.

Designs and renovates
In short, the house of dreams can become reality. With the right precautions and above all with the best advice. Particularly interesting from this point of view is the architecture and design blog by Easy Design. Easy Design supports the user in the realization of their ideas with a few steps and a few clicks.

Dream House

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMmREjijbM1/

Ease, immediacy, intuitiveness are the main features of this platform that provides a team of professionals, leading the user to “design” the house as he imagines it. You see the house in preview and immerse yourself in the virtual reality of your future spaces. The team designs the house in constant dialogue with the customer.

Easy Design makes a team of accredited professionals in the sector available to the customer: architects, planners, and interior designers.

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