How to make a paper snowman [DIY Origami tutorial]


How to make a paper snowman [DIY Origami tutorial]

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For Origami we mean the art of obtaining, by folding a sheet of paper several times according to precise geometric patterns, figures of people, objects, flowers, animals.
It has always belonged to the Japanese tradition although it also exists in China, among the Arabs, and in the West.

The origin of Japanese origami is closely linked to the Shinto religion and the sacred value of the paper is also testified by the fact that in Japanese the words “paper” and “gods” are both pronounced “kami”:
The first forms of origami were made up of simple strips of paper folded into geometric shapes and, joined to a thread or a wooden rod, used to delimit sacred spaces.

The modern technique of origami uses a few types of folds combined in many different ways that allow you to create even very complex objects.
Generally, these models start from a square sheet, whose faces can be of different color and continue without making cuts to the paper (even if the traditional origami was much less rigid and made frequent use of cuts, as well as starting from bases not necessarily square).

Now that we have learned its origin, we can make this ancient tradition a creative game with our children.

Origami for children

The positive sides of this game are multiple as it is:

  • simple: based on the age and ability of the child we can start from easy origami to more complex ones
  • cheap: we just need a few sheets of paper and some colors to decorate them
  • develop your imagination: from a sheet of paper we will create flowers, butterflies, boats and an airplane
  • fun: children love it (and the older ones too!)

You can cut out some sheets of paper yourself or buy the appropriate packages of origami paper  already cut in the right size and with various colors (and they don’t even cost much)

Here are some easy origami examples for kids to make:

Ps: next to the name you will find the link to the original site from which the images were taken. There you may find more details on how to make origami!

origami tutorial easy ninja star – easy origami paper ninja star

simple origami tutorials – origami – origami dog tutorial (very easy)

origami tutorial easy ninja star – how to make origami ninja star – four-pointed paper ninja star

WHALE ( link )

DIY Origami tutorial

DINOSAUR ( link )

DIY Origami tutorial


HEART (link)

DIY Origami tutorial cuore


CAT ( link )

DIY Origami tutorial cat


PIG ( link )

DIY Origami tutorial pig



DIY Origami tutorial butterfly


BARCHETTA ( link )

DIY Origami tutorial boat


BUNNY ( link )

DIY Origami tutorial bunny


BUNNY ( link )

DIY Origami tutorial bunny


Sea-themed, we can make boats, whales, and small fish to attach to a sheet of paper that acts as a “backdrop” and decorate it by gluing shells and sand. It will turn out a fantastic job to frame and stick in the children’s room!

FISH ( link )

DIY Origami tutorial fish


Or we can create original bookmarks made of heart or animal, a perfect gift to give from the child to grandparents and us .. all “do it yourself”, useful and with love!


DIY Origami tutorial animal bookmark


Make many different or all the same to tie them together joined by a thread and create a beautiful decoration for the home ( link ).

DIY Origami tutorial kids room decor


There is no shortage of ideas, comment and attach a photo of your children’s jobs.

A timeless game that makes you rediscover the pleasure of manual skills and how everything does not cease to exist but changes shape and takes on a new life.

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