Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial Free


macrame wall hanging tutorial free, More video tutorials at the last of this post.

Macrame is an ancient art that decorates your sweet home.

Here’s how to decorate the house with macrame: let’s deepen together!

Macramé is an ancient technique that still today conquers the hearts of millions of people, thanks to its versatility and its many uses!
This technique consists of making a lace without embroidering or sewing the threads, but simply weaving them together by hand following very precise patterns, so as to obtain fantastic decorations.

As we have anticipated, the most peculiar feature of this technique is precisely in the use of the skills of the hands, without resorting to crochet hooks or various needles.

Around 1400, this technique conquers the coasts of Liguria, but its origin is Arab and the procedure is always the same, it has never been changed in all these years.

Let’s see together some decorative objects to create immediately, to furnish your home with macramé, in a simple and original way!

Macramé wall hanging tutorial: how to make your home unique!

macrame wall hanging tutorial free

For beginners, you can learn how to do a macrame spiral knot (half square knot) first, with this macrame knot you can DIY your own macrame wall hanging. Look at the spiral knot macrame tutorial below:

spiral knot macrame tutorial

Beginners try this small macrame wall hanging, the DIY mini macrame wall hanging tutorial is below:

diy mini macrame wall hanging tutorial

Let’s check the extra large macrame wall hanging tutorial below:

First, learn the basic macrame knots for beginners:

extra large macrame wall hanging tutorial

Second, let’s start making this large macrame wall hanging.

Macrame tablecloth

macrame Tablecloth

A beautiful original tablecloth to enrich your living room table. In this way, the surface will always be simply decorated with a macrame and will have everything it needs to win over your guests!
Do not use it to eat, otherwise, you risk ruining it.

Macrame wall hanging

Yes, macramé can also be used simply to decorate the wall of our favorite room. Whether it’s the living room, the bathroom, or the kitchen, each wall is perfect for hosting a fantastic tapestry to hang.
Of any size, it can be inserted even in the smallest corners and give spent details to the house. Why not, with some nice little plants by your side?








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