How to make a paper magic wand origami step by step


How to make a paper magic wand?

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The art of paper folding offers many creative and decorative possibilities and remains accessible to beginners and experts alike. Discover all of our origami ideas that are easy to make with children.

Cut, fold, glue … Children love to manipulate paper. Encourage them in their creative impulses by introducing them to the art of origami!

Origami folding: the art of sublimating paper
Origami is a discipline that came from Japan that consists, of various ingenious folding, to give a new shape to a sheet of paper. Precise and fascinating, this technique makes it possible to make all kinds of small paper sculptures, generally representing animals or plant elements. For several years, origami has given itself a great place in the DIY world, entering into the manufacture of many decorative objects ranging from graphic origami vases to boxes for sugared almonds. A party organization insight? Bet on this technique to make beautiful colored paper suspensions or garlands with original patterns.

Easy-to-make origami creations for children
Thanks to all the possibilities offered by this technique, it is accessible to all, beginners as well as experts. The trick is to find an origami project to achieve at your level. We have gathered for you very pretty folding ideas accessible to children so that they can discover this delicate art. Bookmarks raised animals and pop and colorful objects will allow them to try their hand at the art of origami. Once the technique has been assimilated, they will just have to follow their favorite tutorials and give free rein to their imagination. Imagine their pride, the day they will give you their first origami candle holder for your birthday or for Christmas!

How to make a paper airplane?
When you think of origami, it’s impossible not to think of paper planes. As children, we all tried our hand at flying our paper planes, in a few experimented folds in the schoolyard. An origami idea that always appeals to toddlers, like the paper boat that they will try to float for a few minutes. We personalize paper planes by making them with printed papers or by decorating them with pretty designs and colors. Find out how to make a paper airplane among our selection of origami folds!

origami step by step

If you still don’t know how to make it after reading this tutorial, leave a comment to ask me.

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origami tutorial

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